About the game & Disclaimer

The (unofficial) Eurovision Song Contest Drinking Game began in 1995 with a group of college friends quietly sitting around on a Saturday night in May with nothing better to do other than to watch TV and consume alcohol. The rules were created as a way to enhance our enjoyment of an otherwise bizarrely political TV programme and have progressed over time into a mammoth drinking game that we now enjoy as an annual tradition.

The rules have been posted on the internet due to requests from friends, friends of friends and random strangers who have heard about it on the grapevine. We in no way advocate the over-use of alcohol and encourage you to drink sensibly and pace yourselves, if indeed you need to drink at all. The rules can be used to enhance your enjoyment of the show without alcohol ever being involved. We know this because someone told us once.

We accept no responsibility for your drunken stupidity nor do we want to hear complaints of monumental hangovers, broken marriages or neglected children. If you choose to participate in the game, you do so at your own risk. Be sensible. If in any doubt consult www.drinkaware.co.uk or go out and do something more meaningful with your life. Like knitting. Or badge collecting.


Take a drink if...

  • Singers resemble, or appear to be hugely influenced by Shakira
  • Singers put excessive emotion into their singing
  • Entries have nonsensical song titles (shoo-be-doo-wop etc)
  • Singers try to join in with musicians during instrumentals
  • Singers have an exceptionally bad haircut or you see visible/prominent nipples/genitalia.
  • The French performer sings in French
  • The singer tries to interact with the audience (“c’mon!”, “altogether!” etc)
  • The act involves dancing that surpasses belief and credibility
  • The singer flirts with the camera after the song has finished
  • A country from former Yugoslavia has a depressing song
  • There is use of atmospheric panpipes, drums, fiddles and/or traditional dancing
  • There are any unnecessary props, or instruments that aren’t being played
  • The act uses a wind or smoke machine
  • The singer switches to a higher key near to the end of their song (“The Westlife Key Change”)
  • A singer begins to act out the lyrics of the song

Special Rules:

  • Drink twice if the performer clenches a fist to express emotional angst (Shout “Fisting”)
  • Drink twice if the performer clenches 2 fists (Shout “Two Handed Fisting Special Move”)
  • Down your drink if the performer clenches 2 fists and crosses their arms (Shout “Double Crossover Air Grab”)
  • Down your drink if you see an air guitar
  • Drink twice if you see a mullet
  • Drink twice and look disappointed if a ballad is exceptionally boring or euro-techno rears its ugly head

On-stage & BBC Presenters

Take a drink if...

  • On-stage presenters try unbearably hard to flirt be funny...and fail
  • One or more on-stage presenters change their outfits
  • On-stage presenters have a time-wasting conversation that no-one can follow, understand or care less about
  • The BBC Presenter mentions Terry Wogan, “Jemini” or “Bucks Fizz”
  • The BBC Presenter mentions that he/she needs or is drinking alcohol
  • The BBC Presenter moans about political voting

Special Rules:

  • Drink twice if the presenter apologises for not being Terry Wogan


Take a drink if...

  • Presenters talk over each other due to bad time delays during video links
  • Reference is made to Norway or the UK’s null point years
  • Cyprus gives Greece 12 points
  • Norway gives Sweden any points but not vice-versa
  • Malta gives the UK 12 points
  • There is any sucking up to the host nation
  • France gives United Kingdom null point
  • An ex-soviet country gives 12 points to another ex-soviet country
  • Acts are on their mobile phones during voting

Game changers

Drain your glass if...

  • Germany's song does not mention peace, harmony or love.
  • The French performer sings in English
  • Germany spares one single point for her southern neighbour, Austria.
  • Norway DOES NOT give Sweden any points.
  • Greece DOES give Turkey some points
  • A performance defies belief by meeting all of the “performers” rules.
  • An ex-soviet country wins